The Course


Group Fitness for Older Adults


The group fitness for older adults course teaches fitness professionals how to design and deliver group fitness. No experience delivering group fitness or working with special population groups is required.


By the end of this course you will have learnt:

  • Different approaches to running exercise groups for older adults (65+)

  • How to effectively plan and confidently deliver these classes

  • How to effectively balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the group

  • How to keep classes entertaining and your participants engaged

  • The benefits of exercise on the physical health of older adults

  • The benefits of exercise on the mental health of older adults

  • Safety considerations for running classes

  • When to exclude and refer on certain participants

  • Basic nutrition advice and how to teach participants within the limitations of the AusREPS guidelines

  • Where to find further information to become a more effective leader


You will NOT learn:

  • How to deliver tailor made one-on one instruction

  • Diagnosis of medical conditions outside of the Ausreps scope of practice

  • Detailed and individualised diet plans

  • Water based routines

The course consists of two parts: a pre-reading and a theory assessment component to be completed prior to the face to face, and a two day face to face workshop component.

The pre-reading: you will be provided with a comprehensive guide that you can use throughout your career delivering group classes. The book will give you a background on your participants, different classes and approaches, and how to deliver your class. You will also have a number of class templates that you can start with and grow from. Completing the theory before the workshop means there are no PowerPoint slides! The time we spend face to face is high value, hands on experience, not endless one-way lectures.

The face to face workshop: the workshop is an exceptional opportunity to experience a variety of classes presented by an industry expert. The workshop will also be a fantastic forum for an exchange of ideas and experiences and our participants have found the various approaches and backgrounds to be invaluable in gaining new ideas. This is where you will find the real world experiences and learning that will allow you to finish the workshop ready to go and teach.

You will undergo a written assessment online before the workshop, and will complete a practical assessment at the end of the second day - don't be nervous though!; you'll be well supported and have come a long way by the time you design and present in your assessment.


Anyone with a Certificate III in Fitness or above can do this course and it is especially helpful for those that support the people that actually run classes, however, if you wish to actually run the classes or obtain Fitness Australia or Physical Activity Australia credits you must have current first aid and CPR and be registered with either of the peak bodies - which of course means you have Cert III in Fitness or higher qualification. In addition, it is a pre-requisite for attaining Fitness Australia CECs that you have a Delivery, Knowledge and Skill (DKS) area of older adults provided in the Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package (SISFFIT014 or a previous version) that you will have completed during your fitness certification.